Friday, May 4, 2012

Pax Stellarum - Pics from another Alpha Testing game

Tim White, the Marauder from the Star Ranger forum, is helping me reviewing the text and rules for Pax Stellarum, and was kind enough to send me a couple pics of the solo game he did to try the system out.

Here they are:

Tim's aid is being extremelly important on this phase of the development, as we share similar view on most aspects of the rules, and his insights are always reasonable and useful.

I expect to have the system ready to go on the very near future. You may notice that I've added a gadget to the top right of this blog that links to the Googledocs page where I'll be uploading the files once they are ready. As for now, it is empty, but be patient, they will get there!

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  1. Google docs has been a fantastic resource for us developing Silent Fury. I highly recommend its use.