Friday, August 17, 2012

Avarians arrived!

My Avarian fleet arrived today, after 2 months... Usually, international packages sent to me as priority shipping arrive in a month, but USPS messed it up this time and sent my birdies to Germany, instead, so it took 2x the regular schedule for them to arrive at my door.

The good side is that my paint desk was kind of empty for the last couple months, which allowed me to work on Pax Stellarum with ease of mind.

The bad side is that my Terrans, purchased a month after the avarians, are almost arriving as well, which means I either work hard to get the Avarians ready in record time or my paint desk is soon going to look like downtown during the rush hour!

I'm very please with most of the designs, but a couple ship classes looked too antiquated. Ok, they are old designs, and part of their charm is their antiquated look, but 2 classes in particular were over the top. They were the Hawk Class Destroyer and the Falcon Class Cruiser.

To work this out, I decided to try applying some (minor) changes to these 2 classes, and turns out I'm very pleased with the results:

Hawk Class destroyer, converted (left) and original 

Falcon Class Cruiser, converted (right) and original

The Avarians are the most advanced race in Starfleet Wars, but not so advanced as to be portrayed as Extemely Advanced Ships (EAS) in Pax Stellarum. These are ships that are allowed to ignore some of the restrictions on the design rules.

I'll be working on their stats on the near future.

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