Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to the Paint Desk

I've spent the last couple months focused on Pax Stellarum, and left the painting part of the hobby neglected. Now that the ruleset is complete, I decided to go gack to the paint desk and have something done.

I came back from work early today, and used this extra free time to paint my space marine captain converted into a Black Templar Castellan.

Here are the pics:

This mini took me 2.5 hours to paint (after primer), which is pretty efficient, considering that I also painted 2 extra arms for my dreads, too.

Overall, my technique on painting 28mm is really improving, which is always reassuring.

Now, back to the computer to design more ships for Pax Stellarum. I'm going to work hard over the weekend to have as many ship stats done as I can.

*End of Transmission*

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