Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ork Armada

So I finally sit down to paint my Ork fleet, which had been sitting on a shelf for several months, now. This is the last Battlefleet Gothic fleet I purchased prior to GW shutting down the line, which in turn made their prices on the second hand market such as Ebay skyrocket.

I'm currently slowly building other fleets, mainly Tyranid and Eldar, but the prices now that they are Out Of Production are really unfriendly.












I had several spare parts from bit bags I purchased on Ebay, and so I had more than enough to come up with my very own Space Hulk. This is my second take on that behemoth. My first attempt came out too small, so I decided to expand it, roughly doubling its size. Now I think it looks quite good, dwarfing a Space Marine Batleship, as you can see on the pics below.





In case anyone is wondering how did I make the body of the Hulk, I used styrofoam to make up the core and keep it reasonably light. Next I covered it all with epoxy, adding the bits there. finally, I texturized it with a mixture of glue, water and dirt.



I have to praise Corsec Engineering here. Their stands are definitely the best material out there to use on big chunky spaceship miniatures. Even though I used a styrofoam core on the Space hulk, it still came out very very heavy, with all the epoxy and metal bits around. There is probably no other flight stand in the market that would hold it with a single flight peg, and Corsec's omni stands do the job outstandingly. This is top product, and I couldn't recommend them more, even if I was being paid to do merchandising for them (which I'm NOT, by the way).


And here we can see the engines. I usually do them light blue, but orange seemed visually fitter for Orks.




The Hulk also got its own set of engines. It says in the fluff that Orks do fit engines on those ramdomly generated pieces of space garbage, so they can move them around at will, so I'm doing no heresy here.




*End of Transmission*


  1. Love the hulk, and the way you paint your "engine glows" in both orange and light blue!

  2. Like the engine glow effect! I really have to burrow it :)
    Are any stata for BFG fleets available?
    I cannot find them!

    1. I'm currently on the process of revising the rules. Once I'm through, I'll come up with stats for all my BFG fleets.

    2. Great, I really like your rule set ! I look forward to seeing them.
      Strangely I was sure to have seen the 1.0 version, somewhere and even downloaded... :)

      So keep up the great work!

  3. Hey there. How did you paint the Orc and Black Templar Engines?
    Those look awesome and my own engines could use some love, but I lack a proper technique.

    You might be interested in this:
    I did some stats for BFG (Eldar, Imps, Chaos, Necrons). I basically tried to just convert them and retain their flavour, but with the Necrons, I rather tried to capture their fluff, not the original rules.

    I also converted some Firestorm Armada Ships (Valhalla, Aquan, Dindrenzi) and the Ships of ACTA Star Fleet and Noble Armada.

    But I've to warn you, there are some calculation differences in my sheets and the original Design Tool, I couldn't quite figure out yet.

    By the way, have you ever thought about writing a Maptool ruleset for "Pax Stellarum" making it possible for Gamers around the globe to send their fleets against each other?


      As I deem PS the best Starship Combat Tabletop I've read so far, I'd like to participate in the rule revision.
      If interested, please mail me.

    2. Hi, there, Mandavan.

      Thank you for the compliments. First, a brief tutorial:

      You need to use a fluo paint. That orange in particular is Vallejo Model Color Orange Fluo.

      Step by step:
      - Paint the interior of the engine with the selected color (in my case, orange)
      - Then you must create a gradient of color that goes from your selected color to an almost-white color. You do this by mixing that color with a bit of white, painting a little portion of the interior of the engine, then mix again with a bit more white, and paint a little shorter area, and so on, at least 3 or 4 layers of blending, until you get to the centre of the engine, where the color should be, as I said, almost white.
      - Drybrush the surroundings of the engine with your selected color

      The sheet currently uploaded has some wrongs in relation to the new version of the rules I'm currently working on, thus the discrepancies. Don't worry, I'll soon fix them and you'll be able to recalculate the costs for your stats.

      I'm quite interested in your BFG convertions, and I'm definitely going to take a look.

  4. Thank you for the instructions. I'll try it with the next batch of ships with suitable engines.

    I'd really apreciate to move the rest of the conversation to emails.
    Do you have intentions to change the weapon system?

    From my point of view there are some weapons, which are preferable to others, within certain limits.
    For Example you can mount double the Cannons with Armor Piercing 1 and Shields Piercing 1 and FPO <4 than you could mount torpedoes.

    I'd try to remove the Weapontypes/names and change mass requirements and cost based on the traits and firearcs.
    Weapons with the same Traits should have similar costs, reguardless of name.
    Some traits as annihilate should then be linked to other traits as forefixed ....
    I'd even be willing to help with probability-calculations to even the odds and costs ...