Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Austrian Grenadiers

First of two regiments of Austrian Grenadiers I've recently painted. These are mostly Hat's models, and unfortunatelly, they all come with gaiters, so I can't paint them as Hungarians. But I figured a way of doing a regiment of hungarians. The Grenzers have a similar uniform, so I'll swap their heads for those of grenadiers, and they'll be accurate enough. An extensive work of converting, doing 30-40 heads swaps, but I believe the end result will be worht it, hungarian grenadiers are far too beautiful to be missing in my army.

An advantage of this new format of the blog is that now I can post bigger pictures! (and this blog is all about eye candy!).



I mentioned them to be "mostly" Hat's, but there is the occasional Italeri model here and there to fill the ranks. The thing is, the single box I had wasn't enough to come up with 2 full units of 32 models, but was excessively larger than a single unit, and I could not leave all those spare models without use, nor could I make up my mind whether to paint them with blue or yellow details. Both are very commonly portrayed and look great, so I made one unit of each.


I'm not sure if there was supposed to be something painted on the centre of the back of these bearskins. I couldn't find clear pictures of the back of austrian bearskins on google, so I just did the white piping I know they had.


Here is the regiment marching:



Firing Line: