Thursday, April 7, 2022

Fleets of Pax Stellarum - The Star Kingdom of Évonna

Boy, it's been a (long) while since I last posted anything on this blog! Doesn't mean I haven't painted anything since - though I'm not as prolific with the brush lately, I have been painting some stuff, nonetheless, mostly spaceships, and have quite a few fleets lining up to parade here.

The first one is a fleet of Diesho Confederation ships, from Ravenstar Studios. All-round awesome models - great designs, nicely cast, full of details to highlight! 

As some of the readers of this blog may already know, I wrote my own set of rules for my spaceship gaming needs: Pax Stellarum. I'm currently finishing some revisions on the rules, and should be posting up a new link for free download here on the blog in a few days, for those that might be interested in taking a look and giving it a try.

I've also created my own fictional universe of alien races and spacefaring superpowers to give purpose to each of the fleets in my collection. These guys here, as the title suggests, are the ships from the Star Kingdom of Évonna. I plan on doing some posts in the future with brief backgrounds for each of the fictional races I came up with.

Here I decided to go with a color palette that I'd never tried before with spaceships, with pink hulls and coal black details. As a final touch, I added some white Tau decals, to escape the dullness of single-color surfaces, and I liked the end result very much!

For the engines, I usually go with either orange or light blue, as I find those are the best colors to create the illusion of glowing engines, and with these ships, light blue seemed the best fit.

Sylar-Class Corvettes (Diesho Yen'Ming'Tao-Class)

Vessanis-Class Destroyers (Diesho Jin'Dong'Tao- Class)

Eandrir-Class Battlecruisers (Diesho Bao'Gung'Tao-Class)

Valerian-Class Battleship (Diesho Go’Jing’Tao-Class):

Feonas-Class Battleship (Diesho Yao’Jing’Tao-Class)

Saemlyris-Class Fleet Carrier (Diesho Dom'Oung'Tao-Class):

I also painted some fighters to go with the fleet, these ones from Studio Bergstrom:

Syvonna Attack Fighters (Studio Bergstrom Fed Falcon Starfighter):

Aulynn Bombers (Studio Bergstrom Medusa Missile Boat):

The bombers next to the fleet carrier:

As no fleet is complete without a space station to dock on, I decided to repurpose one of the Firestorm Armada stations I had laying around, as I felt its design was somewhat compatible with the feel of this fleet:

Veylinn-Class Space Station:

A Royal Evonnese Battlecruiser docked on the space station for battle repairs and resupply: 


  1. Is great to see you back! I think that pink is a daring color on spaceships 🚀.
    But it works good 👍🏻. Keep up with the great work!

  2. WOW!!
    Gorgeous ships.
    Now I'm hungry for a new fleet.

  3. Those are very well done. Excellent color palette.

  4. Those ships look great! Welcome back! :)

  5. I hate the pink, but I love your brushwork. You leave me so conflicted... :-)