Monday, June 13, 2022

Prussian Dragoons

Here are my first napoleonic units painted in a (long!) while. These guys have been sitting half-painted on my shelves for about 2 years! 

They are from the Italeri Prussian Light Cavalry set - though dragoons were not light cavalry, so no idea why Italeri named them so. But the real issue with this set was the horrible horses, so I used the ones from the early prussian cuirassiers set, instead.

The first regiment of prussian dragoons I painted is the 1st West Prussians (2nd Reg. of Dragoons). For this unit I picked the standing to order models on the set, so to make the unit more uniform, as the other poses in the box were all very active, and I combined them in another regiment. 

In order to give these models some distinction, I cut and repositioned some of the heads, so that some are facing forward, while others are looking to either side. 

For my second unit of prussian dragoons, I went with red facings and white buttoms, which makes them the 4th Reg. of Dragoons: The 2nd West Prussians.


  1. You're back!, I am delighted. Great work as usual.

  2. Good to see you painting again, and these Dragoons are fabulous!