Friday, June 24, 2022

Prussian Foot Artillery


Here are 4 batteries of Prussian Foot Artillery I just finished. Those are Hat Industries models - one of their older kits, not particularly inspiring sculpts, but they look good with a proper paint job and a nice basing, I think.

The observant eyes will notice that I gave them distinct sholder strap colors, so to distinguish them by their Brigade (white for the 1st Artillery Brigade, scarlet for the 2nd, yellow for the 3rd), thus making them pre-1814 regulation. 

Now the challenge will be coming up with horse artillery for the prussians, as there are not options in 1/72 I know of. I might have to do some converting on aditional kits of those foot artillery models.


  1. Fine looking batteries. If I recall correctly, the differences in uniform between the Foot and Horse artillery for the Prussians were very minor; I use a mounted dragoon figure, painted as an artillerist and mounted on the base, in order to distinguish them.

    1. Hey, Peter. I'm also planning on using mounted dragoons as limber drivers, but to man the guns proper, I'll have to make due with some convertions on these foot gunners. Russian horse artillery crew would be a great fit, only requiring a head swap, but the only ones that exist in 1/72 are resin models no longer available.

  2. Nice work. HaT does make Austrian Horse artillery kit which you could substitute. but the optianns are limited for sure.