Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hive Empire is here!

My Hive Empire Fleet, from Studio Bergstrom, arrived this week. Here it is:

Irresistible Sword Class Battleships

Hornets, Swords of Retribution and Virus Class

Queen of Millenia Mothership (upside down, only realised it later...)

The Mothership is a true beauty, impressive design, but unfortunatelly rather fragile. One of the... Uh... Tentacles... (?) was broken, despite the careful packing Drew put around it to trying keeping it safe.

On the pic below you can see how tiny is the only conection of the tentacle to the main hull. (the curved tip left to my fingers).

Anyway, I pinned it and the problem is gone now.

I was particularly intriged as to how they were cast, since the metal around the gems are one-piece parts...

The color scheme for them is chosen already, as I mentioned earlier, so all I gotta do is put my hands to work on these goodies.

Besides my Hive Fleet, some Menoth Warjacks, from Warmachine, are on my table, as well as Pahoota's  (from Solipsist Gaming blog) gifts to me:

Models already based and primed (believe it or not, the primer's label read "matt" on it...)

*End of Transmission*


  1. I must say I wasn't that fond of these models when I saw them on Drew's website but I'm intrigued to see what you do with them paintwise, you have a knack for getting great results!

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  3. Você é brasileiro? Mora onde? Moro no Rio de Janeiro e tb jogo miniaturas.

    Thaddeus Blanchette


    1. Oi, Thaddeus,

      Moro em Curitiba. Jogo com a turma do clube Tropas Polares. E você, joga no clube daí?

  4. these are great Question why is Solipsist Gaming blog set to invite only? I like to check every now and then to see what he is up to but now I cant. if it not a mistake he needs to fix can you ask him at send me an invite?