Thursday, April 5, 2012

My 2012 Wishlist

I have so many interests involving spaceship miniatures and wargaming in general that I try to have some sort of annual planning to purchase them all.

In my current wish list, for instance, are all fleets of Galactic Knights (Starfleet Wars), Stargate and the Sorylians from Firestorm Armada, not to mention the last fleet missing on my Babylon 5 collection: The Earth Alliance.

Sorylian Dreadnought

Aquarian Leviathan Class Dreadnought

Ancient Cruiser

Earth Force Poseidon Super Carrier

Oh, and there is also the Mon Calamari, which I'm in need to make up a rebel fleet to oppose my Galactic Empire forces...

Mon Calamari Class 85 Cruiser

My gaming budget allows me to get a fleet each month, so it's going to take me all remaining months before the end of the world in december (?) to hit my entire current wish list.

The situation would be somewhat manageable if spaceships were my only gaming interests, but (unfortunatelly) they aren't...

I'm also building not one - or two - but three Warmachine armies: Khador, Cygnar and Menoth. The minis are not only gorgeous but a lot of folks on my local gaming club are playing it, so, several potential adversaries! 

(I mean, come on... How am I supposed to resist THAT?)

What about you guys? Do you have an annual gaming purchase planning as well?

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  1. i do, my annual plan is to complete my babylon 5, battlstar galactica and finsh collectin the firestrom armada.

  2. Hi Matgc, I've just read a posting of yours on Star It was refering to sensor detection. I just wanted to say I thought it was a great idea.