Monday, December 8, 2014

First tanks for my Space Nazis

These are the first vehicles I've acquired for my project of building an army of Space nazis. They are new kits released by Ramshackle Games through a kickstarter. I didn't take part on this funding, as I wasn't aware of it until it was too late, but ever since I knew there were on the line to become available for the public I've been keeping my eye out.


The models from Ramshackle Games are of somewhat rough casting, and present a lot of flash and some moulding imperfections. Still, they're very affordable, have a nice, "tough" layout, and look great for a retro scifi army, which is exactly what I'm going for with my fictional 4º Reich.


This one below, the "Pug", couldn't be more perfect for the Nazis, since its an obvious spin-off of the iconic WWII german tank "Stug".



Ramshackle vehicles usually come with loads of weapon options. This one has all the options below, which I magnetized, plus some sponsons and pintle-mounted machine-gun, all of which I chose to leave out to keep a clean look to it. What it lacks is a small, anti-infantry gun on the top. I inserted a magnet there, anyway, as I have such weapons from other kits which I may use here.



The other vehicle is the Rheebok, and can work as either a heavy IFV or APC for my nazi.




The turret can be fit on the front slot or on the rear, and since both looked good, I chose to magnetize both places and keep my options on the table.


It also looks great without the turret, relying only on its front weapon for defensive fire.


The were even more weapon options than those on the pic below, but I chose to magnetized only those, as they seem plenty enough. They serve to arm either the turret or the hull-mounted slot on the front.



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  1. The magnet work is an exceptionally nice touch. Very well done. Excellent job on some very worthy models.