Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Swiss Line Infantry

Here is a Regiment of Swiss Line Infantry. Just as the Italians, those models are from the Italeri French Line Infantry kit. One of the advantages of painting french allies is that several of them had uniform designs mirrowing the french, only changing the colors, so I have quite some options to paint the models from that kit, which is reason enough to get a bunch of them (!).


The swiss regiments differentiated basically in the colors of facings/collars/cuffs, and browsing around the web, this black facing was the one I liked most. In fact, this is one of my favorite napoleonic uniforms already. Very elegant and distinct, I'd say!

I should, for the sake of completeness, do the white piping around the facings and colars, but at 20mm scale, lining is a task too annoying and time cosuming. Maybe someday I go back to them and get to it.




March Column:









And this is our last post of the year. It's a particular landmark for this blog, for with it we complete the year with the most number of posts so far: 59!

2015 will certainly see this blog at frantic activity, as I have so many projects in my mind! I'm starting Napoleonic Austrians, Imperial Romans and Crusaders, the later two to play on Hail Caesar, as well as their respective enemies, some gauls, germans and Sarracens. Of course, there is also going to be a lot of Scifi, particularly as I continue to develop my ruleset, Para Bellum, and my army of Space Nazis to play with it.

I wish all of you, readers, a happy new year, full of new toys and gaming!

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  1. Your Suisse came out fantastic! There you have a nationality that I have yet to add to my miniature Napoleonics (well, OK, I have the "canaries" of Berthier's Neufchatel battalion, but not properly a unit of the Confederation Helvetique).

    I agree about the red faced black, especially with black lapels. The 1st and 3rd Jutland Infantry regiments of the Danish army had similar colors, as did one of their Cavalry regiments.

    Próspero Ano Novo!


  2. Great paint job and great basing on these troops, excellent work!