Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Entomolians are here!!

I'm back home after 3 weeks away at work. Waiting for me was my Entomolian fleet, from Monday Knight Productions.

Those are unbelievebly detailed models. I'm marvelled by these ships. The Super Galactic Dreadnought is a monster, and I'm happy I got it on metal, rather than resin. The weight adds to its colossal feel.

Monday Knight claims that the new resin version holds just as much detail. If this is so, then it must be an excellent resin they are working with, because the amount of detail on those metal models is truly remarkable.

I also got the fighters for my Entomolians, but forgot to take pictures of them. Sorry...

I spent a good time trying to figure out what each piece of detail is supposed to represent on the ships. Energy conduits, launch bays, power cores, shields generators and weapon arrays... Lots of weapon arrays.

The SGD has 2 absolutely huge guns aiming straight forward. I suppose they must be hundreds of meters long. That means a gun as long as several football fields in line (!). Oh, boy, it's going to be fun to create game stats for such guns...

Speaking of gaming, I didn't forsake the development of Pax Stellarum. This trip I was on was out of my plans, but now I'm back and am willing to finish it off quickly!

PS: Some among you may have noticed a little something on the first pic: the feet of one of my "hugeclix" on the top left. I'll eventually post about my collection of heroes, but this is subject for another day.

*End of Transmission*


  1. Cool looking fleet. Can't wait to see it all painted.

    FYI, the ships are supposed to be 1/9600 scale, so 1mm on the model = 9.6 meters on the starship. So the gun barrels are only as long as one football field :)

    By the way, how many fighters did you get?

  2. That is one impressive spread of Bugs, Mateus! Ihave almost as many to paint myself. No SGD, though... yet!


  3. Mack, I have about 2 dozens of each type of fighters.

    I'll base them 3 per stand, probably, using Studio Bergstom's silicon bases.

    As for the size, that scale means the SGD is no longer than a mile, then? That doesn't feel right. :(

    I guess I'll ignore the official scale and treat it as being at least 2 miles long...

  4. Actually, according to my measurements, your SGDN is 1.4 kilometers long--more than a mile! But if you want to consider it even bigger, that's quite all right :)

  5. While painting it yesterday, I realised the SGD has 2 more of those "stadium guns" on the underside (!)...